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About Us

Happy Campers Product History

In 2003, RV Concepts, a small company located in Medford, Oregon, formulated a new and better product for the RV market.  The company owner, Monty Wray, realized he had a product that would revolutionize the camping industry and the comfort of campers.  He named his product Happy Campers Organic Odorless Holding Tank Treatment. Shortly after, Mr. Wray expanded his product for marine use. Happy Campers Organic Odorless Holding Tank Treatment  has revolutionized odor treatment in the boating industry and for boaters across the country.

Now Happy Campers Organic Odorless Holding Tank Treatment  is the industry standard for eliminating holding tank odors completely.  The product will work in temperatures exceeding 100 degrees and will continue to work until you dump your RV holding tank or your boat holding tank is pumped out.

One treatment per 40 gallon tank keeps your boat or RV holding tanks odor free. Happy Campers tank treatments are the easiest and most cost effective holding tank treatment products on the market.

About Happy Campers Distribution

Happy Campers Distribution, Inc. is the East Coast distributor for Happy Campers Holding Tank Treatment. Located in Jacksonville, Florida – we are set up to distribute this great product through our growing network of East Coast dealers. Are you interested in becoming a dealer for Happy Campers? If so, as long as you have an "brick and mortar" location, you can become a dealer for Happy Campers. Contact us today to get more details:

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