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I read reviews that this stuff was great, but really had no idea it would work so well so early. Until recently, we had been using the pouch stuff but still had odors of chemicals and ammonia from the black tank and toilet. After one treatment with Happy Campers, the bathroom was odor free. This stuff really is great and a good deal at the price per treatment. 
StanO May 26, 2015


After a trial period of one season's use of your product in our houseboat holding tanks, l am pleased to report that the instances of customer complaints has dropped dramatically. Even during the period of record-breaking 117-degree heat, we had no complaints of toilet odors. Thank you for providing such a reliable product.

Stephen C. Barry, President
Holiday Harbor, Shasta Lake
I came across this product at the RV show in Redmond, Oregon in 2005. I was somewhat skeptical at first but I decided to take a chance on a big pail I was glad I did. Two summers ago I traveled down the Baja Peninsular in mid summer. The enzyme sanitizer I was using failed at around 95 degrees. I was forced to use liquid chlorine in the tanks. I was traveling in 100 plus heat this summer as well and the Happy Camper powder performed flawlessly. I could not believe that I could not even smell the sewage when I dumped the tanks. I used to have to close the vent over our bed at night due to the sewer vent hose being only 2 feet away. This is no longer a problem. I will recommend this product to all our members.
Paul Beddows, President
North American Truck Camper Owners Association
Yippee!I My waste tank now drains! My waste tank clogged up I week ago and we have had to use the park facilities for that time. I have tried plumbing snakes from the toilet down and from the drain up. No luck. I tried the plumbing bladder which is designed to expand in the line and force water through and clear the clog. No luck. I had the massive amounts of the standard chemicals in the tank for at least 4 days. No luck. I tried various flushing systems to no avail. Last night when we got back from our weekly shopping, I put 10-15 gallons of water with your extreme cleaner in the tank. I let it set over night and planned to try a high pressure hose to dislodge any build-up. I never got around to that part but, presto change, just like magic the tank drained this morning!!! I am going back into Medford today to pickup at least 2 more tubs of the Extreme Cleaner and treat the tank a couple more times. It is rare that a product lives up to its claims (hype). Your product is Awesome in the Extreme. Somehow, someday I am going to sell this product.
Duane Scoff
As a full-time RV'er for over 10 years I can attest that Happy Camper is one of the best treatments for RV waste systems. I have owned three motor homes, a fifth wheel and a truck camper, and have used Happy Campers for approximately five years. It is one of the best products I've ever used for a holding tank because it actually works and is most economical. Happy Camper was effective whether it was cool or hot on the road or stationary. It really did everything it said it was going to do. It broke down the waist and I didn't get any smells. It really breaks down and cleans the tanks too. This was important for me because I used a macerator system and I needed everything as broken down as much as possible before it went through the pump. As long as I remain an RV'r Happy Campers will be the product that I use. It's simply awesome because it simply works!
Mike Cianci
10 yr full time RV'er
2007 Nu-Wa Hitchhiker LS 5th wheel
2010 Eagle Cap truck camper
I’ve had to travel for decades for my type of work (energy industry) never had any problems until my recent purchase of a 1 yr old 5th wheel. Unit is like brand new. Obviously the previous owner failed to dump properly and had some build up. So I thought I’d share what worked for me in this situation and try to help others. From the MSDS (material safety data sheet) Happy Campers consists of Zinc salts and unnamed minerals. Worked extremely well for me in regards to cleaning up the black tank. Using product as specified. They also make an extreme cleaner for really serious problems. To keep your black tank and sensors working perfectly…. Here is what works like a champ for me, and maybe it will help you. Understand that water is your best friend for holding tanks. Just common sense follows. Each time after I dump my tanks, I take a common 5 gallon bucket and fill almost full with water. Then take 5-6 ounces of Dawn dishwashing liquid mix into. If Hard water is a problem in the area that you are at.. Add A cup of Calgon water softener. If unavailable use old fashion Borax. Pour straight into the toilet. To start your “new” tank. This only takes a few minutes and you are giving your tank a head start. The dishwashing liquid and Calgon keeps the tank walls slick and sensors clean and reading properly. Mix the Happy Camper in the bowl with water and flush and your ready to go! For a heavily sedimented tank this may take 2-3 regular cycles of dumping to clean your sensors and clean your tanks. Happy Campers producttruly does virtually liquefy all solid waste and toilet tissue. I personally have never used a holding tank product that works so well. This simple method that I’m writing has worked perfectly for myself and many many others that I known and is not just a wishful thinking type deal… I promise you. It only takes 1 time of black tank problems for folks to get real interested in holding tank maintenance! Lol
  1. Dump only when tanks are 2/3 or more full. I try to get mine as full as possible by adding pure old tap water if necessary before dumping. The more water will certainly always help move any sediments.
  2. There has been zero odors of any kind using this method.
  3. You can use nearly any brand of toilet tissue you like by following these instructions. It truly liquefys everything!
  4. Has worked for myself and friends in all temperatures below zero and 110+ climates.
  5. I think you’ll be quite happy with the results and please pass it on to other RVers if you get the chance.
  6. Sensors make take few cycles to begin reading properly and to be clean enough to read properly, but it will happen. I hope my experiences help a few folks out there. Have a good day.
TheHonestTruth March 15, 2015
Purchased 3 of these now and SUPER SERVICE!!! Will buy from AGAIN AAA+++
been using this stuff for years. works great.
I will purchase again from seller. Extremely fast shipping. Excellent price.
​Extremely fast delivery; favored dealer; A++++++
This stuff really works!!! I will be buying more!!! Thanks and big hugs!!!
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