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***FREE SHIPPING*** Happy Campers RV Extreme Holding Tank Cleaner

***FREE SHIPPING*** Happy Campers RV Extreme Holding Tank Cleaner

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Happy Campers EXTREME CLEANER for RV & Marine black/gray waste holding tanks:

Cleans, softens, helps dissolve all types of waste, toilet tissue, crud, sludge, light corrosion & scum buildup in holding tanks. Safe & effective if used according to instructions.

Industrial Strength: Highest concentrated, most active (powerful) waste tank cleaner on the market today. Setting new standard for RV industry, repair centers, rental companies and full-time RVers. Recommended for winterizing, annual clean out, removing persistent odors caused by chemicals or medications obstructing your tank treatment.

DIRECTIONS: Much like clothes in a washing machine, rinsing & agitation does most of the work. EXTREME CLEANER simply softens & helps dissolve sludge & crud in holding tanks. Use on-board or flexible down-the-toilet rinser for best results.
Tank Cleaning: Effectiveness requires some type of agitation (tank rinser sprayer, long curvy drive, etc.)
• 1. Dump and thoroughly rinse tank
• 2. Mix whole container into large bucket of hot water until fully dissolved
• 3. Pour into toilet (sink for gray tank)
• 4. Fill tank with clean water to ½ (completely fill if stationary)
• 5. Aggressively agitate (long curvy drive, or if stationary, soak overnight minimum)
• 6. Dump and thoroughly rinse immediately upon completion...agitation and rinsing is key.

Note: Waste tank sensors are historically temperamental, heavy cleaning will usually (not always) help restore scum crusted sensors. Stationary units require more rinsing with less success. Will not dissolve “wipes” or fix broken or corroded probes. Not a tank treatment or deodorant, to keep odor free use Happy Campers Organic Holding Tank Treatment.

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